Cell Surgeon in Outer Banks
Hours of operation:
Mon-Fri: 10am – 7pm
Sat: 1pm – 5pm
Sun: 1pm – 5pm
Expert iPhone and iPad Repair in Outer Banks

We are super pumped to bring the Cell Surgeon cell phone repair experience to OBX! We provide expert iPad repair, iPhone repair and computer repair services. The outer banks area will no longer need to worry about having a reliable, and transparent iphone repair shop. All locals and visitors can look forward to receiving excellent customer service for all their electronic repair needs. Since we are a full service repair shop, we have access to high quality parts for virtually any electronic. Our promise to you is to deliver a great customer experience and high quality repair at affordable prices!

Do not let sand or salt water get into your broken iPad, iPhone or cell phone. Repair it with us and save yourself from losing your phone, important data, pictures, videos and text messages. It’s not worth it. We will have you in and out within 45min-1hour, and as fast as 15 min if the shop is not busy. Come see why over 100,000 devices have been entrusted to our technicians since 2012!

Computer Repair Experts Near Me

You will not find a more professional team to handle your computer repair in Outer Banks. We offer affordable pricing on all models. MacBook repair, laptop repair and more! We know how important your computer is and that is why you must choose a reliable, insured, and long standing computer repair store. At Cell Surgeon, we pride ourselves as being the #1 electronic repair destination in Outer Banks.

If you are unsure what is wrong with your computer or you feel uneducated in what “could” be wrong, bring it in. We will diagnose the computer for free and provide you with multiple repair options. There is NO obligation to get anything fixed.

iPhone Screen Repair At Cell Surgeon

There are many places to choose in Outer Banks to handle your iPhone screen repair. Here’s why you should choose Cell Surgeon: time is our most valuable asset. We have been fixing iPhone’s since 2008, and we’re so good at it that we’ll get your iPhone screen repair done in under an hour! How do you like that for fast? Maybe you’re asking yourself how is that possible? Easy. Hours and hours of practice. We could probably fix your iPhone blindfolded with the amount of time we spend training. Your iPhone Repair is safe at Cell Surgeon.