About Cell Surgeon

Meet your cell phone’s favorite surgeon!

Who Are We?

We are a team of problem solvers that tackle and provide solutions to all kinds of issues that can exist with your gadgets.

What We Do

We restore to perfect shape and health all cell phones, computers and electronic devices you might have.

Why We Do It

Because it’s our passion to help keep you in the circle of life.

How it all began

In the fall of 2011, the company for which our founder, Adam Disbrow worked, capsized like a ship in the ocean. While many employees sank with the vessel, Adam stumbled on a treasured chest of revelation and swam right back to the shores of the Chattanooga technological world.

He explored the island to discover that while many of the mobile phone repair stores at that time made fairly good repairs, the reception of their customers was extremely poor.

Disappointed, he decided that he would create his own repair brand. A brand that would surpass all the other gadget repair stores in Chattanooga. Out of the need for better, The Cell Surgeon was born. Adam smartly capitalized on the deficiencies of other repair stores and worked out two objectives:

To create the best gadget repair brand in the world 

To do it without ever losing the smile on his face.

Even today, The Cell Surgeon remains true to the objectives for which it was created:

We want to be the hometown favorite for device repair, accessories and 2nd hand devices. Our goal is to be the first shop people think of when it comes to their electronic device needs. Cell Surgeon is going to a nationwide brand.

Bryan brings sales and customer service excellence to the Cell Surgeon team. He has 22 years of wireless experience and 10+ years of phone repair experience. Together, Adam and Bryan are going to raise the bar for device repair.

To create an atmosphere where precision walks hand in hand with a smile.

The Cell Surgeon will always pride in providing that unique- almost surreal- customer experience every day, all year round.

We have brought a smile to over 100,000 faces through our speedy cell phone repairs- not counting the many personal computers and tabs for which our clients are grateful across Chattanooga and beyond.

Though Adam could go a long way himself, he believed in people and spread the wave of opportunities to the talented group of experts and professionals that surrounded him- a union that has served hundreds of thousands of clients across the globe. While Adam has recruited the best of the best, he is still always on the lookout for even more talented hands to man our new stores in multiple states. The goal is to become and remain the best in the world, hence, the company is continually working to streamline the efficiency of operations through the increased capacity to handle hundreds of devices at one time.

Also, with the ever-changing dynamics of the tech world, he has expanded to repair virtually any electronic gadget. Needless to say, “If it needs to be charged to stay alive, we could most likely fix it”.

The Cell surgeon maintains its commitment to restoring gadgets to perfect health through the sheer brilliance and accuracy of her cell phone, computer, and electronic repairs in Chattanooga. We definitely won’t stop until we establish ourselves as the #1 brand in TN and the world.

Let’s get there together. Stop by a store today for all your electronic repairs.