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The Cell Surgeon restores and repairs electronics of all shapes and sizes for schools and businesses. Our repairs are quick, reliable, and tailor-made to fit your budget. You can be sure that no matter what the problem is, with us on your side, you’re covered.

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As much as you can try to prevent them, a lot of accidents can still happen within your school or organization’s electronics. There could be water spills, the audios on your frequently used devices might become muffled, distorted, or broken. Screens break and hinder the ability of your staff or students to efficiently learn or dispatch their duties.

At The Cell Surgeon, we know nothing is more important than maintaining your productivity levels within your organization. This is why we are looking to partner with you to prevent all those unnecessary hindrances that stunt your productivity and diminish your KPI’s.

Our technicians are highly trained and proficient in handling all kinds of problems that can arise with any of your organization’s electronics.

We Repair All Makes, All Models!

Our technicians are experts in fixing all kinds of gadgets out there. Does your institution prefer Chromebooks or MacBooks? Microsoft tablets or iPads? Have you got some minor issues with your laptop and computers? You can count on us to fix it all.

If on the other hand, your organization relies on the unique Samsung experience or the elite benefits of the iPhone, you can count on us to fix them too.

What You Get From Us

Want to know more about the benefits your school or organization stands to enjoy from this partnership, check out a few of these packages we have just for you:

Free Diagnostic

We Know what’s Up!

Some issues with your electronics can be pretty obvious. i.e. water damages, cracks to the screens. Others might just be so hard to pin point and label. Why should you stress when we can do it for you

Free Of Charge?

Yes! All our diagnostics on your electronics are totally free. You don’t need to pay a dime before we assess what’s wrong with your devices and provide a budget-friendly quote to repair it.

Best In Class Customer Experience

We’re Family!

Besides doing a great job on your device, we value nothing more than our relationship with you. We care deeply about your growth. We want to help your business through every stage of development.

We want to lend a hand even after you’re solidly established. Relationships are everything to us. Consider us an extension of your business or school because we are your technical support team. Anytime you need our services, as long as you put a call through, we’ll be there.

Reach out to our team today at B2B@TheCellSurgeon.com and let’s work together to make your business as great as you’ve always imagined.

School Entity Discount

Staff Or Student, We’ve Got You Covered!

Let’s help you back on track with our student/staff discount. A broken gadget should not get in the way of your dreams and neither should a repair of your favorite device put a big dent in your wallet.

Quick Turnaround

In With The Tick, Out With The Tock!

We value your time at The Cell Surgeon. We will never keep you waiting longer than necessary. We work high priority repairs straight to our ER and ensure that you only have to deal with the most minimal downtime on your electronics as much as possible.

90 Day Warranty

Don’t Doubt It!

Our repairs are precise and fast but we will never compromise on quality. In fact, we’re so confident in our repairs that we offer you a 90-day guarantee on all repairs made with The Cell Surgeon.

Bulk Discounts

The More; The Merrier!

There’s no reason to get all scared about your bulky repairs. We know how much you crave a budget-friendly repair. This is why we give you heavy discount on all your major repairs brought to The Cell Surgeon.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Relax! We’ve Got Your Back!

Don’t let that faulty gadget rid you of your sleep when you can book an appointment with The Cell Surgeon. If it doesn’t work right, we will come around to fix it! Our charges are affordable and, our repairs, 100% reliable. What else can you ask for? It is always a delight to return that smile right back on your face where it belongs.